It was the time when I was invited on the stage as a speaker for the first International Conference on Alternative healing Modalities in 2021. All excited as I started talking, I was making an eye contact with as many audience members as I could and it was then that I spotted this very graceful lady sitting in the audience, a very familiar face, a face that I felt an instant affinity towards as if it’s someone I had known for a long time. Let me clarify at the outset, it was not any kind of attraction. It was something else. A sense of knowing that this person I have known, known since many years. Well, my conscious mind knew for sure that I have never met this person before, at least not in this lifetime. Then what was this affinity all about?

Having been in the field of Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression therapy, apart from having worked with so many people, I have myself become a subject for past life regression so many times that my mind is now attuned to zone into a past life through self-hypnosis at will.

Continuing with the story, here I was standing on the stage, already giving my talk and yet another part of me was seeing glimpses of some random scenes where I saw myself working with the same lady, the faces were different but there was a sense of knowing that I was seeing myself and her in those scenes. Though I was by now used to regressing myself into a past life, It had never happened in all these years that an involuntary mini regression happened and that too when I am giving a talk on a completely different topic in front of a large audience.

I stopped myself from seeing those scenes and carried on with the talk. The talk went well but now I had a secret with me that I really would have loved to share with this stranger but that would mean crossing some boundaries so I kept it to myself. After the talk, few members from the audience came to congratulate me and this lady was with them, I was hoping to get introduced to her but that did not happen though her friends expressed that all of them (including her) would love to attend a workshop with me so I shared my number with them hoping to talk to her soon.

I kept waiting but no one called. I was now getting restless to connect with this old buddy from a past life, ironically a complete stranger still as I was even unaware of her name. Guess it was time to do something I had never done before. As I was scrolling through the pictures of the conference, I took a screenshot of this lady’s picture sitting in the audience and sent it to one of the organisers asking for her name and number. Under normal circumstances I would never do that, what would the organisers think? But the itch was too strong so I did that and got her name and number.

As I called her, I introduced myself, she of course recognised me. I asked her if she would like to attend a workshop with me and she effortlessly said she had been waiting, as if waiting for me to call.

Few days later she was in my workshop and it felt as if I was with a close associate of mine who now needed to learn hypnotherapy from me and continue the story that was left incomplete.

And as she moved ahead in the journey of learning Hypnotherapy from me, she was now attending this workshop with me where I was to talk about past lives. This was the right time to let out my secret to this person who wasn’t a stranger anymore. As I shared with her that we were close work associates in a past life, it was almost as if she knew it already. She wasn’t surprised. It wasn’t awkward and we discussed that past life in which we both were healers working together with an agenda to heal mankind and due to some tragic events the story could not continue. Well, it continues now. We both continue to have the same agenda, working as co-healers and referring clients to each other. She is a family friend now and it’s just so amazing how she has a beautiful connect with my entire family and even that does not surprise her. It is like a full circle for me now. I have seen myself completing an incomplete past life story, hence healing it through hypnotherapy but now it was happening for me in real time.

For the readers who have never been introduced to this fascinating world of past lives I would like to share that past life therapy operates from the idea that there is "carry-over from one life to another," and that memories, feelings, and even traumas from past lives that we're not consciously aware of can still affect us today. Most people consult a past life regression therapist to explore their past lives in order to resolve issues from previous lifetimes or simply learn more about themselves.

Today I feel so thankful to this wonderful world of hypnotherapy and past life regression therapy and the unlimited potential it has to heal us.



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