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About Dr. Rahul Dutta

Course Details

  • Duration :
    2 Full days
  • Time :
    9 am to 6 pm

- A Workshop towards healthier, happier relationships.

This workshop will take you on an incredible personal journey of self-discovery and learning that will enable you to truly connect with the most important people in your life -- including spouses, children, friends and even co-workers.

During this workshop, we will also focus on knowledge and skills to talk and listen to others with empathy and compassion, to understand emotions in themselves and others, to deal with conflict and differences in ways that strengthen -- rather than destroy -- relationships,and much, much more....

By the time this workshop ends, you'll have very specific tools and lasting strategies that will forever transform how you and your partner relate to each other.


  • The Why of relationships ?
  • Stages in a relationship
  • Reasons for breakdown in a relationship
  • Stages of Loss
  • Key elements of a successful relationship
  • Understanding your-self and your partner
  • Understanding behaviour patterns (both sexual and non-sexual) toimprove relationships
  • Languages of Love
  • Understanding the behaviour during Sex Act
  • Move your relationship into the present
  • Understanding emotions and learning ways to deal with the negative emotions like anger, frustration, guilt, jealousy, fear.
  • Happy Negotiation: Navigate disagreements with practical tools for lasting resolutions
  • Effective communication for better relationships

Who should attend this Workshop ?

This workshop is for you:

  • If you've settled into a steady, regular pattern with your partner that works, but you want more?
  • If you're just starting on a new relationship and want to build a solid foundation?
  • Perhaps you want to establish a stronger, closer relationship with your partner?
  • Are you and your partner completely on autopilot?
  • Perhaps you have a great relationship that others envy, but still want more.