Students Testimonials

Dr Rahul Dutta…a guide….a teacher….so much in love with hypnotherapy that he inspires others to gain its knowledge and benefit it to heal themselves na dverybody around them.Its amazingly ethical and gives the client a feeling that they are humans who can and WILL get better.As a student and client it’s a treasure coming across him in this lifetime

Shivli Bembey
( Counsellor )

I had chronic ankle pain from past 7-8 months and within less than a minute’s acupressure it is completely eradicated.
I enjoyed the 2 days thoroughly, it was a rejuvenating workshop as well as knowledgable.

Sejal Mehta
( Psychotherapist )

My experience was superb. I learned so many new things that I didn’t know about our mind.
Dr Raahul Dutta is an amazing teacher, very interactive during the sessions.
I will suggest all to do this workshop.
I experienced a whole new life exists beyond our regular lives. I will continue to practice hypnosis all through my life for betterment of myself and humanity.

Priya Jain
( IIT, Mumbai )

My experience was amazing. I really learnt a great deal from Dr Raahul Dutta. He was very clear and patient when asking him to explain the things again. Also, he used a lot of clear examples and was very interesting.
This course was informational and taught me a lot.It was an amazing experience for self healing.

Sura Al-Muscati
( Muscat ,Oman )

Excellent course taught by a teacher who enjoys the subject and genuinely wishes to pass on the knowledge. Dr Raahul has the ability to connect with students from all different walks of life and create a very cordial atmosphere during the workshop. A life changing experience guided by a very capable and wonderful teacher, healer and person.
Thank You Sir, although a hardcore allopath I now believe in the power of the mind because of you.

Dr Parthiv Mehta
( Doctor )

Dr Rahul Dutta has been a great teacher in the workshop, method of teaching is excellent and he relates things fantastically.
It was a great journey doing this course and I learnt & enjoyed a lot.

Kaivalya Lal
( IIT, Mumbai )

I really enjoyed the also helped me cure my aches which has given me the confidence to cure others.

Zahabia Petiwala
( Tarot Reader,Graphologist,Pranic Healer )

A new world for me…..a seed planted that will be cultivated to enhance my happiness.

Ben Bravo, Florida, USA

Attending this workshop was a great experience ! It enhanced my skills & knowledge to a large extent as far as treating aches and pains are concerned. Dr Raahul Dutta is a wonderful teacher and learning from him was a treat !

Divya Srivastava
( Counsellor )