Client Testimonials

Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression have been a breakthrough in my life. My life has totally changed and taken a complete “U” turn after my Past Life Regression therapy thanks to Dr Rahul Dutta. I have overcome all my fears and phobias. I’m able to understand myself better and I’m a much more positive and optimistic person.

He has given me a solution to all my problems through EFT (Emotion Freedom Technique). I will always be indebted to him for bringing out this change.

I always remember his words at all times, that whatever you think will happen whether negative or positive so now I am always careful about my thoughts.

Also I am more forgiving and I cant thank him enough for all these changes in me.

I would strongly recommend everybody going through any physical or psychological problem to go for Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression therapy. It might just work the way it worked for me and change your entire perception of you and the world around you.

Dr. Anita Bajaj
( Consulting Radiologist, Lilavati Hospital )

There is so much that I could say about my experience with Dr. Rahul Dutta, but I'll try to keep it concise, as it isn't possible to fit in 8 years worth of healing experience and learning in this much space! So let me just begin with a huge thank you and lots of gratitude for helping me heal all sorts of issues right from - chronic allergies, to weight issues to skin problems to menstrual problems to vitamin deficiencies being restored to instant increase in platelets when I was down with Dengue!
My journey with Dr. Rahul has been nothing short of miraculous! I have experienced everything from a reversal of health conditions to improvement in my self- confidence, self-esteem, self- belief and self-love.
The best part of his methods is that they are completely non-invasive, safe and don't constitute any medicines!
Dr. Rahul Dutta has been a medium to help me feel empowered and discover my own truth and freedom!

Thank you for everything - for being an amazing healer, teacher, mentor and guide!

Shweta Velkar
( Healer )

When for the first time I went to IWZ for my treatment, it was for my 18 years old sciatica pain. Untill then, I never knew that my back was holding lots of anger, guilt, resentments, frustrations and all the negative emotions.

Then we started resolving all the issues one by one with Hypnotherapy, Hypno drama, Guided Imaginary, Past Life Regression, Crystal therapy, Affirmations, EET and lot more..

And now looking back, I see myself as complete evolved and positively transformed person with lots of enthusiasm and full of life.

Thanks Raahul for being my friend, philosopher and guide.

God Bless!!

Asha Doshi
( Beautician )


I would like to share my Hypnotherapy experience. The therapy was performed by Dr. Raahul Dutta.

Initially, I went in with a lot of doubts in my head. I was highly confused , low on self confidence and felt completely lost and so, was seeking for Clarity. Dr. Dutta helped me understand the inner Parent-Child conflict I was going through where the inner child was self Sabotaging and it was affecting me largely in my life for years.. Dr. Dutta got me out of this conflict and the confusion just vanished.

Dr. Dutta also taught me how to get my emotions in control through EET and it has been very effective. Through Hypnotherapy, I cleared my Sub- conscious mind of all the elements which were hampering me and my growth in life. Dr. Dutta also taught me Self- Hypnosis to enhance a few things in Myself which boosts my confidence and at the same time to love and accept the way I am.

Dr. Dutta shows You a way to approach life at its best.. We, humans, are unaware of what is happening in our sub-conscious mind.. There can be various factors to that. It may have to do with your past, your Aura etc. I am Not the same person today as I was the first time I met Dr. Dutta.. There is a 360 degrees, Positive change in me. I am set to Conquer my dreams.. I'm glad, I now have Self- Worth and Self- Belief.

We all have some issues in life, but to still lead a Stress free, beautiful, Positive, complete and content life, we need to understand the Core issue that lies in our sub-conscious mind and that can be dealt with, with the help of Dr. Raahul Dutta. He is the perfect Doctor who will Guide You, Teach You and show You a Way of approaching Life.

I strongly feel, if anyone has the slighted of doubt about themselves and have issues in dealing with things in life,please get in touch with Dr. Dutta. You will get all the solutions. Thank You Dr. Raahul.. I am what I am today only through your Guidance and Therapy!

Resham Walvekar
( Actress )

Being on my spiritual journey, healing my deepest wounds play an important role for me. Getting in touch with Dr. Rahul was like magic. He’s good with what he does and he surely create a great impact in your healing journey. Like for me, I had sleeping issues for a while, Dr. Rahul took me into hypnosis and that’s when I realised there were traumas which were registered in me that were not letting me sleep. And trust me, I sleep like a baby now. I’m not even exaggerating anything. If you want to heal your deepest wounds which you don’t even know exist on a conscious level but you can see the effects of them on your day to day life then look no further, book an appointment with Dr. Rahul & you’ll not regret it.

Shruti Hadavale
( Healer )

In my profession I come across a lot of doctors. But today I can say with great conviction that it is one thing to be just a Doctor and another to be a doctor with a heart.

Everyone likes to earn money and we choose a profession that can give us more money.

Dr.Raahul Dutta has a very unique personality. He does not take the medical field only as a profession. Whenever Dr.Raahul speaks to me I don’t feel as if I’m talking to a Doctor but it is as if I am talking to a good friend. A friend who precisely guides you as to what is beneficial to you and what is not. In reality I could express every thought and feeling to him very comfortably. I got answers to all my doubts and questions from him.

Before meeting Dr.Raahul if anyone told me that my life changed because of hypnotherapy I would have called him a fool. I give all credit to Dr.Raahul because of whom today I am happy and joyful.There is a lot of difference between just treating a patient and truly understanding your patients problems and giving treatment. This quality Dr.Raahul possesses. That is why I could express all my thoughts and feelings that I had stored inside me painfully for many years.

Today I deal and take care of a lot of mentally retarded children and their parents. I have regained strength and confidence to handle them now as they trust me a lot and this is because of Dr.Raahul. We extend our blessings and good wishes to him. I humbly salute Dr.Raahul as he has played an important part in helping me to help my children build a promising and bright future.

Meera Faterpekar
( Principal-School for Mentally Challenged Children )

I met Dr Raahul Dutta on 31 July, 2015, after battling depression, anxiety, trauma from childhood abuse and cancer for as long as I could remember. The last 5 months were the worst, with severe episodes of hysterical anxiety and disturbed sleep. My husband and I went from Doctor to Doctor, trying several mainstream and alternative therapies. Other than the side effects and troubles caused by medication, I experienced no change at all. I was even told to learn to live with these issues, and all that can be done would be managing the symptoms. Dejected as we were, we were also unwilling to accept a life this way. So, it was with a lot of pessimism and scepticism that we went to see Dr Raahul Dutta.
He started by teaching me several coping mechanisms whenever I have an anxiety attack, so that it becomes manageable for me. Then step by step he delved into the root causes for my issues. He assured me that with 12-15 sessions my entire set of issues will go away. I needed significant amount of convincing to believe that I don't have to live this way, that recovery is an instant choice and with belief and therapy I will be normal again. True to his word, week after week I saw remarkable progress. From not being able to get out of bed, I started going to the gym in 4 times per week in just 3 weeks time. By 6 weeks, I started behaving and reminding myself of the person I used to be- started taking an interest in socialising, travelling, reading etc. Now 12 weeks later and 4 complete weeks of finishing therapy, I remember those times as just an event from the past. I am happy, energetic, have productive long and happy days and am as enthusiastic about life as anyone around me.
Now, my husband(who had put his life and career on hold for me) and I are starting new jobs, moving cities etc after 2 years and instead of being nervous or depressed we are jumping with joy at this second healthier chance at life.

I have been to therapy with some doctors for 4-6 months at a time, 4 times per week- but all it took was a few sessions for Dr Dutta. ?My husband and I will forever be grateful to Dr Dutta, for the way he turned our life around. Thanks to Dr Dutta, we now have a chance at a happy marriage and successful careers.
Without any hesitation, I will say that Dr Dutta effectively turned our lives around for the better and he is in fact the most competent therapist I have ever met (and I have met quite a few of them)

Anita Mehta
( Service )

Here is what I would like to say :
I have known Dr.Raahul Dutta for some time now and was amazed by clarity and his single minded focus on Wellness :
I have had a couple of past life regressions with him earlier and was left richer for it .. though I could not vouch for whether
such events I saw and described during hypnosis actually existed at some point in time :
The urge to unmask the secrets which Nature so .closely holds to her bosom is part of who I am .
I went to Raahul yesterday with a declared intention of seeing a life which I could verify myself and satisfy my questioning mind .
I also wanted to get at the source of my wandering spirit (the Khanabadosh in me) .
What I expreinced was surely very profound : Not only did I get to the source of the Khanabadosh spirit in me but
I could identify the name of a village in England . I verified from Google whether such a village existed on this planet and
it was a revelation to find that it indeed did exist .I could also get to the source of some my patterns in life . I am left much richer for the experience and its a significant step in an ongoing realization that in this universe of infinite possibilities there are no accidents ......
I am the creator of my Life and at its very source .. I CHOOSE .
Would like to thank Raahul for the experiences.
Best Reagrds

Charul Abuwala (Solicitor)

People say words can describe all the activities, all one’s experiences!! Well I don’t agree at all, for what I went through in 3 sessions with doc was out of the world! I do not have the words to describe it.

I am sorry doc ‘I WAS’ chronic asthmatic someone who would require his pump (puff) on walking just 100 meters at a stretch. I met doc on an event organized by my company and little did I know it would change my life forever.

In 3 sessions (of an hour each) I found a very different me. My asthma CURED, I was able to take control of my situations (I used to get angry to the extent that I used to HIT people) And now, I’m Mr Cool.

All coz certain things which made logic, certain things which I had always believed in - Past Life and faith in GOD ALMIGHTY took me to this path where I met doc who guided me to my new actual me which not only cured me but made me a better person also.

Anjush Bhatia
( Banker ,HSBC )